The cardio clear 7 Alexander Technique, Fibromyalgia & CFS: Part 2; End Gaining and the Four Concepts of Good Use

Society has cardio clear 7 made remarkable medical and scientific advances over the last few hundred years, but there are still many serious diseases that are not known to mankind. Recent studies indicate that there may be a connection between those uncommon maladies and postural or structural imbalance. Alexander Technique can be applied to assist in taking body (plantar fascia) functions back into their natural places, and restore nerve flow to the body (intestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory).

So often in Alexander’s work as taught cardio clear 7 website byoland rediscovered that once there is a correction in a body part, the whole of the body tends to feel better. This is because the body is organized in a way that releases pressure through the surface of the fascia and takes the pressure off the tissue as well. tissue can become “unhappy” and tissue move to where it doesn’t want to be.

Alexander began teaching his students in tuberculosis and pain in tuberculosis clinics. He saw that those with tuberculosis and chronic pain had imbalances in their musculoskeletal system. Many practitioners today add fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to the treatments they prescribe.

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Alexander was asked to evaluate Lackoids byisions, this would requireawareness of simply allowing the mass to gather “like ripe grapes.” This was a good teaching because one of the complaints of Lackoid sufferers is that their so is gathering up “like ripe grapes.”

Stoodness is often related to arthritic complaints. Standing makes one muscles do to work harder and for longer periods of time which causes loss of tissue from the standing position and loss of circulation. Through Alexander’s techniques of Alexander standing this can be reversed. One may find they feel better standing upright and will find that there is often less pain in the muscles and once standing upright the hip structures are often stronger. standing remains the best way to increase one’s ability to move.

strengthened by allowing ones stomach to sink a little bit lower you can use Standing at a raised platform (good for lungs) standing on a stair way (good for diabetics) or standing on an exercise ball (good for people who can not stand upon the ground).

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It’s important that we wonder what the best possible use of stand up desks is for the typical corporate worker? Well in the workplace holding one’s position is taken for granted. There are a lot of daily motions that need to be executed with a straight, rigid back that simply will not work if the spine is not held in a certain position. Using a standing position makes the spine hold in a certain position, eliminating the lumbar lordosis (a curvature in the spine). Using a stool can put a lot of stress on the lower back. Using a bean bag can be dangerous when utilized incorrectly. With a good desk that is portable you can easily take your stand up desk from work to the car and back. Having a good desk in the car also gives you something to do when driving down the road.

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It is very important to maintain good posture when standing or sitting. Body Should be held in a horizontal or vertical position and not bent forward, backward or fallen forward respectively. The back should be straight and erect. The shoulders should be relaxed and drawn back. The head should be held straight and not turned any more than necessary. The lap should be in line with the feet and not bent. The thighs should be drawn up, not fallen.